BBQ Breakfast Burrito With Sauce Shop

BBQ Breakfast Burrito With Sauce Shop


SERVINGS - 2PREP TIME - 15 minutes
COOK TIME - 30 minutes

Breakfast burritos are awesome. Say no to that Sunday brunch takeaway and give this a shot instead. This one uses the Sauce Shops Chipotle Ketchup and quality British meat from our mates at The Jolly Hog

This recipe is courtesy of The Sauce Shop



  1. Start by adding the sausages to the BBQ. Get t and then add the Black Treacle Bacon.

  2. Crack 4 eggs into a bowl and beat them (this should be enough for two burritos). Leave this in the bowl for now.

  3. Make sure to keep an eye on your bacon and sausage. Flipping frequently is essential!

  4. Chop your avocado in half, removing the stone and chopping into bite-sized pieces.

  5. Put a small frying pan onto your BBQ with a knob of butter. Try to place it on a part of your BBQ that isn't super hot in order to stop your eggs from cooking too fast.

  6. Pour your egg mixture in the pan and stir constantly. Remove from the heat when they're scrambled and fluffy.

  7. Prepare your breakfast burrito - add Sriracha and then grated cheddar. Add your avocado in here too.

  8. Cut your sausages in half and layer them up on the burrito with your bacon. Add the scrambled egg on top and fold in the ends of the tortilla. Roll it and tuck it into a parcel to make the burrito.

  9. Add the assembled breakfast burrito onto your BBQ until the outside is charred a little bit. This shouldn't take long and you can burn it easy to watch out.

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