Its easy being green with Cozy Glow

Its easy being green with Cozy Glow

Here at Cozy Glow London, our range of highly scented eco-friendly and vegan candles make a great gift idea for loved ones with sustainability in mind, and they’re great for those of us who want to love our planet and enjoy our favourite fragrances permeating our homes.

All our natural soy wax candles are handmade in the UK with sustainable and recyclable packaging.

As time has gone by we demand to know more about not just the benefits and features of the products themselves but we want to know about the ethics and source of companies materials. We at Cozy Glow handmake everything in our log cabin production centre in London, which is powered by 100% renewable electricity. We use recyclable and reusable packaging to ensure minimal items are sent to landfills.


Firstly let us tell you why we choose Soy Wax over 8 years ago at the start of our journey.

Ashley our co-director wanted to strive to produce the cleanest burning candles, with a strong and long-lasting fragrance that was also kind to the planet 

When it comes to shopping for candles, the scent and aroma shouldn’t be the only factor to consider.  

Candles are made out of a variety of different waxes, with each wax having different properties that will affect the burn time, the level of soot and fragrance throw. 

Cozy Glow uses 100% soy wax for all of our candles, no blend, no mix just pure clean-burning and sustainable Soy Wax and that’s just one of the little things that make Cozy Glow candles that affordable luxury. 

Read more about the 8000+ trees Cozy Glow Customers have planted and more things Cozy Glow is doing to heal our world.

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