The products you love also love the planet.

Did you know each product you purchase, and order you place with us is made carbon neutral through off-setting at Cozy Glow.

One Order = One Tree 

Over 8700 trees planted so far, and over 87tonnes of CO2 removed from the atmosphere all over the world. 

Cozy Glow has a plan.

We’ve been carbon neutral since 2018. By 2025, all our products will be too.

See the plan

Behind every Cozy Glow product is a plan for the future.

Low-carbon design

We’re designing carbon impact out of our products by increasing recycled content, using material more efficiently and reducing the amount of energy they use.

Energy efficiency

We’re finding more ways to increase energy efficiency across all our retail stores and manufacturing sites.

Renewable electricity

Our corporate operations already run on 100% renewable electricity generated from solar, wind and other renewable sources. By 2030, clean energy will be used to make every Cozy Glow product and will account for customers’ product energy use as well.

Avoiding direct emissions

We’re finding solutions for manufacturing and shipping materials, components and products in ways that reduce direct greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon removal

By investing in nature, we’re working to remove carbon from the atmosphere to address the emissions we can’t yet avoid, while also supporting local communities and restoring biodiversity.

"We consider our impact on people and the planet in everything we do. And we continue to ask ourselves how we can make our work an even greater force for good in the world."

Kristian Matthews-Kennington, Director
Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives

The proof is in the products.

Closer to 100% carbon neutral.

We’re already carbon neutral across our corporate operations and are on the way to making carbon-neutral products by 2030.

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