Choose Cozy Glow to make your special day shine. We offer a completely custom experience using our handmade candles. You choose the size, colour, scent and label to match your theme, even add guests name as a unique place setting.

The Process

We work with you to make a complete custom solution from start to finish.

mini Jar Regular Jar Large Jar
45p £4.95 £9.45
Scent + 45p +95 p + £1.45
Colour + 5p + 5p + 5p
Label + £1.45 + £1.45 + £1.45
Scent Card + 45p + 45p + 45p

Minimum order of 25. Larger order discounts and incentives available.

  1. Gold, black or silver lids available.
  2. Price shown is for gloss labels. Alternative label finishes available, prices may vary.

Alternative scents available, prices may vary.