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Clear Plastic Window Feeder

Clear Plastic Window Feeder

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These clear plastic window feeders will make windows the focal point of attraction of garden birds within a garden. Each feeder is made from perspex and features three strong suction cups that make it easy to fit and hang the clear plastic window feeder. 

  • Turn your windows into a hub of bird activity with our clear plastic window feeders
  • Made from durable perspex and equipped with three strong suction cups for easy installation
  • Provides a clear view of feeding birds and adds a charming touch to your window
  • Easy to refill and clean, so you can keep your feathered friends well-fed and happy
  • Attracts a diverse array of wild birds, adding natural beauty to your outdoor space
  • Perfect for birdwatchers or anyone who enjoys the sights and sounds of nature
  • Can be used to supplement natural food sources during periods of scarcity
  • Helps support the local ecosystem by providing a reliable food source for birds
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