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Cozy Glow takes immense pride in being the exclusive UK distributor of Portland Bee Balm products. As a retailer, stocking these balms offers a unique opportunity to provide customers with high-quality, natural skincare solutions. Portland Bee Balm products are crafted with care using sustainable ingredients, appealing to eco-conscious consumers seeking ethical options. With its nourishing properties and delightful scents, these balms promise to enhance the well-being of customers while offering a touch of luxury.
Retailers stand to benefit from increased foot traffic and customer loyalty, while consumers enjoy the assurance of supporting a brand committed to sustainability and quality.

About Portland Bee Balm

Handmade beeswax lip balm, wrapped in a cherry wood casing that plants trees and saves bees. We only make lip balms and focus on doing this one thing very well. Every aspect of the process from ingredient sourcing to packaging and displays is carefully considered, with an abundance of attention to detail. It was Brad’s love of bees, woodworking, and his wife Anika that seeded the existence of Portland Bee Balm. Anika was searching for a more natural, effective lip balm, and Brad was keeping bees and Portland Bee Balm was born. Lip balm is all we do. Undistracted by a huge line of products, our small team is passionate about delivering the highest quality lip balm. Choice ingredients and dedication to producing a simple, honest, and natural product have been key to our success. Customers love our balm. Attracted by our real wood labels and distinct wooden displays - then hooked by the product itself - we have built a loyal and growing fan base. We stand behind our product and guarantee our partner's satisfaction 100%.


Brand Values

Gives back

Established in 2011

Ships from United Kingdom

Products made in - United States

Minimum - £100

Fulfilment time - 1-3 days

Featured in
Contact us at team@cozyglow.co.uk for wholesale opportunities for your retail stores or markets. 


Min Order

Lip Balms Single Packs


Lip Balm Shelf Display (Case Pack 24)




Hand salves


3-pack of lip balms


24 Unit Box Lip Balm Shelf Display - 144 Lip Balms


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