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We want you to have the simplest, easiest buying experience possible. But we know you might have a few questions. Read on for details about purchasing, shipping, checking order status, returns, and more.

  • Help yourself.

    Check order status, track or change your order, return items and more.

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  • Delivery & Pickup

    Dispatch and delivery times

    Delivery costs and methods

    Changes to your order

    Tracking your order

    Problems with your order

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  • Your Account & Cozy Glow ID

    What is an Cozy Glow ID

    Benefits of an Cozy Glow ID

    Modify your Cozy Glow ID Account

    Reset your Cozy Glow ID Password

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  • Order Status

    Your order has reached Cozy Glow

    The estimated delivery date

    Cancel and change your order

    Using Online Self Service

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  • Payment & VAT

    Paying with cards

    Cozy Glow Financial Services

    Reprinting your invoice

    Promotions, Rebates, and Coupons

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  • Returns & Refund

    How to return an item

    Returns: Step-by-Step Guide

    Processing your refund

    Trouble with your new Cozy Glow Product

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  • Manage your order

    Reauthorise your card

    Cancel an item from your order

    Change your delivery or billing address

    Change personalisation

    Initiate a return

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  • Soy Candles & Support

    Soy Candle Availability

    Soy Candle Features

    Online Support

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  • Shopping Experience

    Ratings & Reviews

    Security Policy

    Enabling Cookies

    Saving Items & Cards

    Where to buy

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  • Gifting

    Gift Messaging & Package

    Personalise your Soy Candle

    Gift Cards

    Send gifts throughout Europe

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  • We keep you informed

    Order Acknowledgement

    Order Confirmation

    Shipping Notification

    Proactive Notifications

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