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Naughty & Nice Gonks - Large 58cm

Naughty & Nice Gonks - Large 58cm

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Add a touch of festive whimsy to your holiday décor with our charming assortment of Naughty & Nice Gonks. These delightful Christmas characters, each measuring a generous 58cm from top to bottom, are sure to become a cherished part of your seasonal celebrations.

- Set of 2 unique Naughty & Nice Christmas gonks
- Each gonk features an embroidered hat with a charming gold bell
- 2 assorted designs to choose from, each sold individually
- Large size ensures a standout presence in your holiday décor

Celebrate the spirit of the season with these endearing gonks that add a playful twist to your festivities. Whether you place them by the fireplace, at the entrance, or nestled among your Christmas tree ornaments, these gonks are bound to capture hearts and spread joy.

- Dimensions: Large size, 58cm from top to bottom
- Assorted Designs: Sold individually, priced per design

Embrace the duality of the season with our Naughty & Nice Gonks. Individually priced, these whimsical characters allow you to choose the perfect addition to your holiday collection. Bring a touch of mischievous charm and heartwarming sweetness to your home this Christmas. Order your Naughty & Nice Gonks today and infuse your space with the magic of the season.
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