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The Big Cheese Making Kit Ultimate Cheese Making Kit

The Big Cheese Making Kit Ultimate Cheese Making Kit

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Our Ultimate Cheese Making Kit is bigger, better and now even more stylish than before! It really is the ideal gift for any cheese lover.

It's perfect for any retail environment. Ambient storage with a long shelf life.

With these 10 different cheeses to make across 40 batches, it’s enough to keep everyone in cheese for quite some time!

Scottish Crowdie
Goat’s Cheese
Queso Blanco

This new and improved Ultimate Cheese Making Kit contains all the ingredients for cheese making with the addition of herbs and spices to help create your own flavours and three-cheese moulds that shape cheeses into wonderful centrepieces. The crowning glory is our recipe book. For each cheese you get wonderful recipes such as Lemon, Basil, Ricotta and Almond Cake, and Battered Halloumi. Yum!

Manufactured in Scotland we have over 500 retailers in the UK with stores such as Harrod's, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.
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