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Urusenda - Rowandan Style Hot Sauce - 190ml

Urusenda - Rowandan Style Hot Sauce - 190ml

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Urusenda is a traditional African chilli sauce, based on recipes similar to those in Rwandan homes. It packs flavour and punch in equal measures. Similar in heat level to Rwanda’s famed Akabanga. (A hot chilli oil from Rwanda – also available on One Stop Chilli Shop).In Africa, every home has i own unique hot sauce recipe.

A pot of chilli sauce is the talking point and centre of every dinner table. Urusenda is our take on this traditional, usually, onion based ‘African Chilli Sauce’.

This artisanal sauce is handmade in the UK. It combines Rwandan grown chilli, ginger, garlic and a locally produced cider vinegar. It is the perfect ingredient for every chilli l kitchen. Use it as a condiment or as a marinade for meat, pasta, rice, vegetables or even couscous. Vegan and Vegetarian friendly, this hot chilli sauce is naturally free from additives, allergens, artificial preservatives and colourings.

Urusenda or pili pili is Kinyarwanda for ‘chilli’ a word (and flavour) that is on the tip of every Rwandan’s tongue at dinner time. Rwanda is affectionately known as ‘The Land Of A Thousand Hills. 25 years after a terrible genocide ravaged Rwanda, it is rebuilding fast. As a result, agriculture is booming. Urusenda proudly uses chillies from Rwanda’s farmers.

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