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Bubble Tea Bath Bomb Gift Set - Boba Edition

Bubble Tea Bath Bomb Gift Set - Boba Edition

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Spoil yourself with the ultimate Bubble Tea Bath Bomb Fizzers in Matcha, Jasmine, Berries & Tropical. Take a luxurious soak in a flavorful, effervescent blend of sweet smells and vibrant hues, inspired by the famous boba tea. Each bath bomb fizzer is lovingly made and blended with top-notch ingredients for an indulgent spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Drop one of these enchanting pellet-shaped bath bombs into your bath for a burst of delightful bubbles and dreamy scents.

Inside - 1 x Matcha bath bomb- 1 x Jasmine bath bomb- 1 x Berries bath bomb- 1 x Tropical bath bomb!


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