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Garlic Chilli Sauce

Garlic Chilli Sauce

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GARLIC CHILLI SAUCE: Experience a fragrant and garlicky flavour blended with a touch of spiciness from the fresh chillies. Delicious as a dip with your favourite finger food.

Heat: Hot

Product Story

Kampung Koh – Many of you may have seen a garlic chilli sauce with the name Kampung Koh on the bottle. When a particular brand becomes synonymous with a product, it becomes a generic term for the product. Kampung Koh and garlic chilli sauce is something like that. The story began in 1969 when a man in the little village decided to create a sauce based on his 2 favourite ingredients, chilli and garlic. He especially liked garlic as he believed it was good for health and when used in cooking it made every dish taste better (Something we certainly agree with!). This sauce went down a treat and soon became a household favourite across Asia.

Our sauce uses a blend of spices and natural ingredients which was thoughtfully considered to ensure it enhanced the two main stars of the sauce. This variant was based on a recipe I grew up on, having this treat as a staple at home.


Onion, water, carrots, white wine vinegar, garlic 11%, sugar, chillies 8%, ginger, salt, tomato purée

Made in a factory using nuts.


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