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Mango Chilli Sauce

Mango Chilli Sauce

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MANGO CHILLI SAUCE: Bursting with fresh sweet and tangy mango flavour that is fused with a spicy chilli kick. Drizzle this over your leafy salad for an exotic culinary experience.

Heat: Medium

Product Story

Perlis - the smallest state in Malaysia is famous for its mangoes. You can see lots of street fruit vendors selling the Harumanis mangoes as you drive through the state. They are slightly more flavourful, creamy and have a fruity aroma to them. The Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia has even given the exclusivity of the name Harumanis, which applies exclusively to the variety of mangoes grown in Perlis.

This fiery sweet mango chilli sauce is my personal favourite where the mango really is the star of the show.


Mango 44%, white wine vinegar, onion, carrots, chillies 8%, sugar, garlic, lime juice, water, salt

Made in a factory using nuts.


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