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Nightea Night Geode Bath Bomb Gift Set

Nightea Night Geode Bath Bomb Gift Set

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Introducing our delightful Lavender and Lemon Geode Bath Bombs, designed to transform your bathing experience into a blissful and rejuvenating ritual. Indulge in the harmonious blend of calming lavender and uplifting lemon, creating a symphony of aromas that soothe your senses and revitalize your spirit.

Immerse yourself in a fragrant oasis as you drop one of our handcrafted bath bombs into your tub. Watch as it fizzes and releases a burst of effervescent bubbles, creating a luxurious foam that envelopes your body, gently caressing your skin. The calming scent of lavender promotes relaxation, relieving stress and tension, while the refreshing lemon revitalizes your mind and leaves you feeling invigorated.
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