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Red Chilli Puree | 190g | Chilli Mash Company

Red Chilli Puree | 190g | Chilli Mash Company

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Use our chilli purees to replace fresh chilli in recipes - taking away the hassle of chopping chillies and reducing waste. Our purees are unapologetically simple. We use three ingredients only – the chilli itself, vinegar and salt. This makes them the ideal substitute for fresh chilli in any dish. Ingredients: Red Chilli (75%), Cider Vinegar, Salt

  • Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly + Recyclable packaging. Ethically sourced chillies direct from the farm.
  • No nasties & easy to use: 3 unapologetically simple ingredients (Chilli (>70%) + Hampshire Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt).
  • Multi-award winning products: Winners of "South Coast Business Awards" 2019 and Lux-life "Best Raw Ingredients & Condiments Provider - UK" in 2021
  • Take the fuss out of prepping your chillies - 1tsp of puree = 1tsp of fresh chilli.
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